Associazione Perfumum - Torino


Perfumum 2022/23 - Cuorgné, Torino

“Cosi ogni cosa ha la sua parte e di respiro e di odori.”

Everything has a smell.

If it's not something - a perfume, a scent - found in nature, someone created it in a laboratory. The sense of smell is undoubtedly the most hidden, intimate and profound of our senses, but also the most neglected one, yet literature has given us immense masterpieces on the subject, from Marcel Proust to Charles Baudelaire, from Italo Calvino to the biblical Song of Songs, perhaps the oldest text on the subject.

The theme of perfume certainly fascinates and intrigues, and of all that "perfume" means you never know enough; when a conversation is focusing on this topic, in any context, an impalpable world magically opens up and suddenly everyone has a memory linked to the smell, even those who do not use perfume. Memories that forcefully return to the nose, often accompanied by clear and precise images of a place, of a person. This is in fact the smell, it has an indefinable and at the same time irrepressible power.

Associazione Per Fumum

Associazione Per Fumum Torino
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